The International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” is an annual event in St.Petersburg, Russia, held in November. The festival includes competition in animation shorts (duration 1 – 30 min) and video installations evaluated by a professional jury.

In 2016 Multivision’s 14th edition will begin at the International Animation Day 28 October and will last till 20th November.

The festival program explores the latest developments in international animation, its influence on other artistic practices, synthesis of animation art with other visual and performance arts.

Multivision Festival aims to create an innovative dialogue with its audience, to integrate animation art in the environment of the modern megapolis. Multivision is known by its open-air summer projects: the public screening of the special competition programs at the erected parts of drawbridges on the Neva River in the center of St.Petersburg, from 2007. The festival program is projected on the giant screen 400 square meters attached to the bridge surface. The street cinema competition is a part of the main festival, but it is held in summer, on evident weather reasons, in the framework of  Multivision’s public art project Multi-Bridge. The date for 2016 is August 13. This open air screening of the competition program is admission free and gathers more than 30 000 spectators. It is an excellent chance for shorts filmmakers to show their work to such a wide audience. Street cinema competition is a part of the main competition and the festival’s entry forms work for both.

The festival also features a special competition of animated video installations, submissions under “Animated video installations” category. Works selected in this category take part in the festival exhibition at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The festival awards are:
The Grand-prix of the festival;
The Best Story
The Best Visual Imagery
The Best animated film for children;
The Best experimental animated film;
The Best animation video installation
The Best Street Art Animation
and other awards and mentions on the Jury’s decision.

The majority of prizes are cups and diplomas, but sometimes we have cash prizes from sponsors, TBC.

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