The 3rd International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision is happy to announce the winners:
Grand Prix
“Sherlock Holms and Doctor Watson”, director Alexander Bubnov, Russia
I Prize
“Maestro”, director Geza M.Toth, Hungary
II Prize
“Declaration of Love”, director Dmitry Geller, Russia
III Prize
“Watch the doors”, director Anastasia Zhuravleva, Russia


The other films from the Best 10:
“The Naughty Bear-cub”, director Nathalia Berezovaya, Russia;
“Peter and Petrusha”, director Yurii Pronin, Russia;
“Imago” – director Cedric Babouche, France;
“La gallina ciega” – director Isabel Herguera, Spain ;
« Tounneling », director Ivan Maximov, Russia;
Horror story for Niusha (Smeshariki) director Denis Chernov, Russia;
“The Big Rooster” director Serguei Gordeev, Russia;
“Zhiharka”, director Oleg Uzhinov, Russia


The Best Experimental Animation
“The Сity”, director Peter Bronfin
The Best Animation for Children
“Zhiharka”, director Oleg Uzhinov, Russia
The Best Animation made by children
“Story on the long paper”, Japan
The Best Internet Animation
‘Strashilki” (“Children Horror Stories”), directors Dmitry Dudenkov, Yuri Alexandrov, Russia
The Best Interactive Animation
“Hotel”, director Han Hoogerbrugge, Netherlands
The Press Award
“The Big Rooster” director Serguei Gordeev, Russia