The Awards of VIII International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision

VIII International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision took place at 3-12 December 2010.
The choice of the Jury is 15 best animations in different nominations. This year we got a lot of brilliant animations in our competitive program, more than last year, but the jury decided that there is no main diamond amongst others and decided not to award Grand Prix this year
So the winners of the festival are:

Best animations:

1ST PLACE – Specky Four Eyes (dir. Jean-Claude Rozec/France/2010/9’) 2ND PLACE – Mei Ling (dir. Stephanie Lansaque/Francois Leroy/France/2009/15’)
So the best  3 films of the festival are from France! Unbelievable!
3RD PLACE – The Little Dragon (dir. Bruno Collet/France/2009/8’15)


Other awards of 8th Multivision are:

BEST STORY –Angry Man (dir. Anita Killi/Norway/2009/20’) BEST VISUAL IMAGERY–The Silence Beneath the Bark (dir. Joanna Lurie/France/2009/11’08)
BEST GADUATION FILM –Mobile (dir. Verena Fels/Germany/2010/6’31) BEST FILM FOR CHILDREN- Masha and the Bear: Tracks of Unknown Animals /«Маша и Медведь: Следы невиданных зверей» (dir. Олег Ужинов/ Oleg Uzhinov/Russia/2010/7’)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR MOST ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO – N.A.S.A. «A Volta» (dir. Alexei Tylevich/ U.S.A./2009/4’23) SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE WITTIEST ANIMATION–Babioles (dir. Matray/France/2010/4’45)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE SOCIAL SATIRE– Man in Blue Gordini  (dir. Jean-Christophe Lie/France/2009/10’) SPECIAL MENTION FOR BRILLIANT AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE –The Moor (dir. Christophe Calissoni/Eva Offredo/France/2009/12’)
SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE HUMOUR IN DOCUMENTARY ANIMATION– Photograph Of Jesus (dir. Laurie Hill/UK/2008/7′) SPECIAL MENTION FOR UNCONVENTIONAL LOOK– Red-End And The Seemingly Symbiotic Society (dir. Robin Noorda/Bethany de Forest/Netherlands/2009/15′)
BEST ANIMATION MADE BY CHILDREN – The Very First Song/ «Самая первая песня» ( Studio of children animation DA /студия детской анимации «Да» /Russia/2009/2’23) THE TROPHY FOR THE MASTERY AND INVENTIVENESS IN ANIMATION– Autour de Minuit  film production company, producer Nicolas Schmerkin, France

The Jury:
Konstantin Bronzit, animated film director,
Dmitry Vysotsky, animated film director
Andrey Sikorsky, animated film artist,
Oleg Kotelnikov, artist,
Nathalia Egorova, head of First TV channel department
Lisa Savina, art criticist

Many thanks for all authors and studios who sent us their works. We are waiting for your new animations at the next year!
Yours faithfully
Organization Committee of Multivision Festival
St.Petersburg, Russia